8285537196_b3fb4d0222_bGROWING OUR ECONOMY 

• Strengthen Iowa‘s ag economy
• Give Iowa businesses first crack at state and local contracts
• Help small businesses grow and expand
• Make sure health care is affordable for Iowans and businesses


• Expand job training at community colleges to put Iowans back to work
• Help employers find workers with the right skills
• Expand early childhood education


As a husband, father of three, small–town lawyer, officer in the National Guard, and as an elected official, I know that climate disruption threatens almost every aspect of life in Iowa that I treasure.  Whether you call it global warming, climate change, or just wild weather patterns something negative is clearly going on in the state of Iowa and beyond.  The science debate is over.  Now the question becomes one of solutions, and action to protect the future.  We are already seeing extreme weather events which scientists tells us are going to become more disruptive, stronger, and cause more harm to the people of Iowa.  This harm threatens our way of life, and our economy.  In each of the roles that I have I am committed to acting on climate disruption to lessen the harm to the people of Iowa.  This requires wise leadership and a commitment to fairness for current and future generations.  If we can’t protect the dreams of our children to come, we have failed in our leadership obligation.

• Expand the use and production of renewable energy
• Add value to the products of our farmers
• Keep our water and air clean


• Guarantee veterans get the services and benefits they have earned
• Continue the National Guard Education Assistance program
• Expand the Veterans Trust Fund
• Encourage more home ownership for veterans